Violence and Sexual Harrasment Policy

The Summer Festival is an all-ages event. Please respect fellow festival-goers!

In order for us to ensure everyone’s safety , we establish the following Violience and Sexual Harrasment Policy. Please review it carefully.

❌ Zero Tolerance Policy

The Summer Festival aims to create a space for its attendees, vendors and staff where all can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. The Summer Festival Planning Committee and SFU Anime have a Zero Tolerance policy in place which does not entertain nor allow any forms of violence or sexual harassment including threats both physical and verbal. Any instances of violence or sexual harassment must be imediately reported to event staff or onsite security.

⚠ Threats

Threats in this policy are defined as any verbal harassment, physical harassment or abuse and includes but is not limited to actions such as attempts of intimidation, stalking, menacing gestures, actions that cause injury and any aggressive and destructive behavior enacted for the purpose of instilling fear or domination.

⚖ Responsibilities

The event staff are not fully equipped to tackle or expected to involve themselves in confronting a threatening individual. The Summer Festival additionally discourages the same for its attendees and participating vendors. However, all attendees, vendors and staff are expected to exercise reasonable judgement when identifying potential situations that may involve physical or sexual abuse. When such a situation is identified, onsite security must be alerted who will investigate and attend to the issue.

ℹ Summary

The Summer Festival will not tolerate threats, threatening language, or other forms of aggression. Any attempts of violence or sexual harrassment made towards or by an attendee, vendors or staff will not be tolerated and will be reported to onsite security immediately who will investigate the matter. If the investigation deems that an act of violence or sexual harassment has occured, event staff will take appropriate action with the offending person in a swift matter which may include immediate discharge from the campus.