Handmade Craft Lab

Hello there, my name is Serena!
At the Handmade Craft Laboratory, you can find all sorts fun experiments I have made, where everything is handmade of course!
There will be sculpted pieces of your all-time favourite anime characters into baked goods that are delicious enough to eat! You will also find food miniatures, fake cakes and food, anime figure accessories, pressed flowers and resin jewelry: cellphone straps, keychains, earrings, cabochons, necklaces, etc.
These handmade items are made with clay, resin, love, and more~ Get your cute anime and baked goods here! The best part is, these pieces last for a life time!
I can also do custom orders on most items I sell!

My etsy is: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HandmadeCraftLab
My instagram is: